10 Reasons to choose fabric for your exhibition stand

Nov 18, 2020 | Events, Marketing

How to make the most of exhibitions…

One of the things we’re frequently asked by our clients is how to make the most of exhibiting. They’ve booked a space at a trade show or event, but are not sure what to do next. In terms of dressing the actual exhibition space, we found we were increasingly turning to the new generation of fabric exhibition stands. We love them! 

Fabric exhibitions stands are lightweight, quick to assemble, look great, no join lines, washable, flexible, and easy to store.


Introducing Ink On Fabric!

In fact, we love them so much that we decided to build a dedicated website where businesses can buy their fabric exhibition stands online: introducing inkonfabric.co.uk.

We’ve tried to make the site as easy to use as possible. Simply upload your artwork, add your chosen product to your basket, and away you go. Alternatively, we’re also offering visitors the option of having their graphics created by us too.

But why do we love fabric exhibition stands so much? Well, here are our top ten reasons for choosing fabric:

1. They’re lightweight. There are enough things to think about when you’re planning an exhibition without having to book a van and figure out how you’re going to get bulky items on to your stand. Most of the Ink on Fabric bits come in a handy carry case. Pop them in your car and carry them over your shoulder. Easy.


2. They’re quick to assemble. You just clip together the aluminium frame by lining up the numbered pieces. You then slip the fabric cover over the top and zip it up. Voila. You’re ready to go. That can save on hotel costs as you can set your stand up on the morning of the event rather than having to arrive the afternoon before to set up.


3. They look great. The fabric is printed in high definition which basically means it looks really crisp, bright and fantastic. That all adds up to big impact.


4. No join lines. One of the frustrating things about traditional pop up curve stands, for example, is making sure all your joins are lined up. Joins are also a bug bear if you’re planning on lining a shell scheme with graphics. Fabric stands do away with all that bother.


5. You can wash them. If someone spills a drink on your branded table, or things just get a bit grubby from repeated use, simply stick the covers in the wash. Brilliant.


6. They’re flexible. Because they’re freestanding and lightweight, you can shuffle bits around your stand to your heart’s content. You can use several different sized stands together to create a stunning display. Options are endless.


7. They’re easy to store. When your event is all over, just take it all down again, pop it in the carry case and store it away. They won’t take up a lot of space.


8. You can replace the covers. Want to change your promotional message? You can get the covers reprinted and use them on your existing frames.


9. Double the value! Most of the Ink on Fabric range come with full colour printing on both sides as standard. So that’s twice the space for your messages.


10. You can get imaginative. If you can’t find exactly what you need on the inkonfabric.co.uk website, we do have a raw fabric option. That basically means we can print what you want on various fabrics of various sizes. Great for hanging backdrops, tablecloths and more.


If you want to know more, or have any questions about the Ink on Fabric range, feel free to get in touch: hello@inkonfabric.co.uk, call 0843 289 4444 or use the online chat service.

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