6 Marketing Trends to Look Out For in 2023

Nov 22, 2022 | Marketing

The world of marketing can be a turbulent one, and with trends coming a going faster than you can say ‘ROI’, it can be hard to keep up!

To help you stay on top of marketing trends in the new year, we have put together our predictions for marketing trends in 2023 so you can get started early and spring into the new year prepared.

The 6 marketing trends you should look out for in 2023 include sustainable consumerism, the ‘internet of everything’, AI powered searches, interactive video content, helpful featured snippets, and personalised marketing.

Sustainable consumerism

Consumers are more aware than ever of the impact their purchasing decisions have on the environment. Consequently, many brands have started to push the sustainable goals of their business to the fore front of marketing efforts.

Consumers are moving away from single use products in favour of sustainable brands. According to Deloitte, there was a 20% increase in 2021 in the amount of people who were purchasing fewer ‘new products’ in order to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. In addition, they were 6% more likely to purchase from a brand with sustainable values.

This puts more emphasis on brand story, voice, and tone than ever before. In a similar vein we can see brands becoming more akin to characters with personalities, goals, and values rather than being viewed as big corporations. You only need to look at the Twitter profiles of Wendy’s or Pop Tart’s to see this in action!

The ‘internet of everything’ and cross-device targeting

Technology has come a long way in the last 20 years, and marketing has always had to keep up with technological developments to reach a wider audience.

In recent years the line between online and real life has become increasingly blurred, such as with the ‘internet of everything’. This refers to a world in which physical objects, software, technologies, and even people can connect and exchange information seamlessly. We can see this in the growing popularity of things like smart watches, smart shoes, and NFC tags. This is still in its early stages in terms of marketing implementation but is certainly worth keeping an eye on in 2023 (Malibu Rum was using NFCs in their packaging back in 2019 so it’s likely we will see this more and more!)

Something that you can start doing right away though is cross-device targeting through the new Google Analytics 4 measurement tools. GA4 was announced a few years ago but is likely to introduce even more features in 2023. GA4 allows you to track your users across multiple devices, browsers, and apps, giving you a much broader view of how customers are interacting with your website or product. This allows for more targeted marketing that can reach users no matter where they are looking for you.

AI Powered searches

AI can conjure images of robots gone wrong and rogue computer algorithms with nefarious intentions, but AI can provide marketers with some fantastic tools to make predictive decisions that save time and budget.

AI powered search is the next development in predictive/autocomplete search results and machine learning. AI assisted search results are now considerate of semantics, language, and multi-media searches such as voice notes and images.

Marketers may need to rely on AI more often in the next few years as cookieless targeting becomes more common. This has been in the works for a while, with various privacy updates limiting how advertisers can track users’ activity. As well as many users now opting to protect their data with VPNs, we could see a move in 2023 towards more predictive analytics.

Interactive video content

Video content trumps static graphics when it comes to engagement, and recent developments in VR have allowed video/gaming to reach new levels of user immersion. This trend towards interactivity is also reflected in marketing. According to Videoform interactive video has 22% more engagement than linear videos, with an average 12% conversion rate.

Some great examples of how you can implement interactive video content in your 2023 marketing plan include:

  • Branching stories (like Netflix’s 2018 interactive thriller Bandersnatch) that take the user on a journey that they feel in control of.
  • Clickable elements within videos that can act as a call-to-action, conversion button, newsletter signup, or any manner of customer/user interactions!
  • Interactive quizzes and polls are a great way to get customers involved and are quick to implement on social media thanks to Instagram and Tik Tok poll features.

Featured snippets and helpful content

You may have seen our summary of the ‘helpful content’ Google algorithm update that encourages relevant, unique, and helpful content. This could mean we see a trend towards ‘niche’ content that pitches content creators as experts rather than jumping on trends.

This relates to an increased focus on featured snippets, that can mean users looking for information don’t even have to leave the Search Engine results page. We should see a move towards concise, helpful content (there’s that word again!) that provides quick answers to online questions.

Personalised marketing

Personalised marketing has been a “thing” for a number of years and can make for a more satisfying and effective customer experience. As customers have an increased knowledge and consideration to digital privacy, they are less likely to make personalised information available. This means that personalised marketing will start to rely more on predictive behaviours and AI to work out the best way to personalise emails, ads, or landing pages.

We may start to see this in the form of hyper local marketing for the ‘near me’ type searches, as well as a continued growth in influencer marketing with a focus on small or micro influencers.



What do you think 2023 will bring?

We hope you found our predictions for 2023 marketing trends helpful! Pop us a message if you’re looking for help with your marketing, we’re always happy to chat.

Happy new year from the Example Marketing team! 🥂

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