An Update on our 10,000 Tree Pledge

Ecologi climate positive workforce. An update on our 10,000 trees pledge

An Update on our 10,000 Tree Pledge

We’re no longer talking about Offset Earth. We know what you are thinking and no, we haven’t stopped planting trees. Offset Earth have simply changed their name to Ecologi! Same great company, shiny new name.

Ecologi have written an insightful article explaining the thinking around their name change. The three main factors being; they don’t just offset, ‘offset’ and ‘Earth aren’t very internationally friendly words and they wanted to shout louder about their passion for restoring ecosystems that repair the planet.

Saving Ecosystems

In their article, Ecologi say that we are facing two existential events: global heating and ecological collapse. This is why they are focusing at least 50% of their efforts on projects that benefit ecosystems and biodiversity.

Examples of projects which do just this are:

  • Restoring tropical rainforests
  • Planting trees on degraded land
  • Protecting and re-wetting peatland
  • Grassland protection
  • Costal wetland protection and restoration
  • Seagrass protection and planting
  • Conservation agriculture

So, you see, there is more to Ecologi than simply planting trees.

Where are we with our 10,000 tree pledge?

At the beginning of the year, we pledged to plant 10,000 trees in an effort to make the business more sustainable. As part of our subscription to Ecologi (previously Offset Earth) we plant 48 saplings a month. Additional trees are made up from print orders we receive. For every order over £150 we plant a further 50 trees.

Honestly, we’re not quite where we were hoping to be by July. In an ideal world we would be halfway towards our goal as we are halfway through the year. The tiny matter of a global pandemic, however, has somewhat scuppered our plans.

Unsurprisingly being in lockdown, with many businesses having to press pause, has had an effect. Despite this, we have still been getting trees in the ground! Thanks to our lovely clients who have been able to work through lockdown, we’re still growing our total. We have also benefited from a tree dividend from Ecologi, all of this has put our current total (at time of writing) at 3,307 trees.

We hope that as we get back to the closest thing to normal that’s possible at the moment, we’ll be able to plant even more sapling in our glorious forest.