A career in marketing

Marketing as a career

A career in marketing

A career in marketing wasn’t a conscious decision for me. It’s a career I somehow found my way into by following my nose from one interesting sounding job to another. I used to feel a bit apologetic when I had to admit that I worked in marketing. I often wished I could tell people I had a nobler career, that I had a vocation, that I was A Doctor or A Lawyer.

But that’s not how things worked out for me. And over time, I’ve developed quite a fondness for marketing. I’m now beginning to appreciate how lucky I am to have such a fun, varied and challenging job. You see, despite what some people might think, marketing isn’t about trying to trick people into buying things they don’t need by filling their inbox with spam. For potential customers, well-executed, well-targeted marketing actually makes life easier. It helps you find what you’re looking for. It tells you what you need to know about a business or a product so that you can be confident you’re making the right decision. It can even be fun! For a business, it’s a really important function that you simply can’t afford to ignore.

And as a career, there’s never time to get bored! You have to think creatively, analytically and strategically. You often find yourself representing the customer within the business, but balancing that with the wider company objectives. You’ll find yourself knowing a lot more about the business than some of your colleagues because what you do and what you know impacts on most other departments. It can be a battle – you have to convince people that investing in marketing will pay dividends in the long run. And then you have to prove it. But proving it is a great feeling – because you’re making a valuable contribution to the business and, rather self-indulgently, because it shows that you know your stuff!

I’m now embarking on a new chapter in my marketing career and I’m really excited about it! I’m going to use the skills and knowledge I’ve developed over the years to help small, local businesses with their marketing. With 4.9 million small businesses in the UK, there’s a lot of competition across all industries. I want to help people stand out from that crowd and succeed. I love living in Norfolk, so if I can help businesses here grow and keep our local economy strong, everyone’s a winner!

Through this blog, I’ll be sharing some marketing hints and tips for small businesses. I hope this will not only help you see how marketing can benefit your business, but will give you some ideas about where to start and, over time, how to keep things moving.