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First impressions count. Don’t let your business down through lacklustre design. There’s a lot of “noise” to get through out there. A bit of creative design can go a long way in cutting through that noise and getting your brand noticed.

Have you ever played the game Logos? If you have, you’ll know how powerful and memorable a great logo can be. It’s one of the most important aspects of your business and deserves some love and care. Getting that right gives you a visual identity to hang everything else from.


Why do you need a professional graphic designer?

There will be many of you out there who’ve had a go at designing something for your business, with mixed results. We hear you. You want to save a few quid, do things yourself, flex your creative muscles. And there are some great tools out there which can help.

But nothing can replicate the flair, creativity and gorgeous finish that someone who’s trained in this stuff, has years of experience and professional software can achieve. We love seeing the “Oh! I get it now!” moment when a client first sees their business brought to life with some proper graphic design. We promise you, it’s money well spent.

Logo Design

Logo Design

Your logo can tell your customers a lot about your business and your personality. It’s not something to compromise on – it’ll be on everything you do. We can design you something as unique as you are that you’ll love.

Logo Design

Brand Identity

Your brand is more than just your logo. To make sure people recognise you, there should be some consistency to all the other marketing you put out there. Colours, fonts, icons, tone of voice all contribute. We can help create that.

Logo Design

Web Design

Once we know who you are and you have a great brand identity, we can start applying it. Getting the input from a real-life graphic designer will take your website to places you never imagined.

Logo Design

Illustration and Animation

If you’re serious about getting noticed, some bespoke illustration work is hard to beat. Except maybe something that moves too, that might beat it. We can help you with both.

Logo Design

Other stuff

Business cards, letterheads, brochures, leaflets, social media graphics, ads…whatever it is you need designing, we’ve got your back. And we can then get things printed too, making your life easier.

Designing with purpose

Professional design goes beyond just making something look pretty. It becomes really powerful when you team it with genuine marketing know-how.

Because of our background in marketing, when we tackle a piece of design, we look at the wider context. The messaging. The hierarchy of your text. Who you’re trying to reach. How it ties in with other work you’re putting out there. If you’re printing it, the type of paper it’s going to be printed on. The result is something that will help you generate real business.

Example Marketing are always professional, timescales are agreed upfront and always met, the quality of the design work carried out is exceptional – and somehow Emma always knows what I’m looking for, even if I can’t always articulate exactly what that is! I would highly recommend using Example Marketing for any of your marketing needs.

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Here’s some of our work


Our 2023/24 Carbon Footprint Update

Our 2023/24 Carbon Footprint Update

We’ve been crunching the numbers again to see whether we managed to further reduce our carbon footprint in the last financial year. The good news is that we totally smashed it with a massive 40.8% decrease! That’s 4.75 tonnes of CO2e compared to 8.02 tonnes in...

We’ve Reduced our Carbon Footprint by 6.74%

We’ve Reduced our Carbon Footprint by 6.74%

The results are in…and we are very pleased to report that we have done what we set out to do. In 2022/23 we reduced our carbon footprint by 6.74% compared to the previous year. Our target was to reduce our carbon footprint by 5% year on year, so we’re thrilled to have...

The Journal Issue 12

The Journal Issue 12

Hello! Today is National Pizza Party Day, and just by chance we DID have a pizza party for lunch! 🍕 If only we had realised this before we devoured the lot, it would have been an excellent tenuous link for social media. Shame. Next time!  Now, while we slip into a...

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