Environmental policy

We are committed to making Example Marketing as sustainable as possible. We believe we have a responsibility to make life better for our people, our customers, the local community and our planet. We want our company to be open, accountable and pleasant to work with. To help communicate this commitment, we are working towards B-Corp Certification.

We are taking active steps to reduce our negative environmental impacts and promote sustainability through our work. We will encourage our clients and those we work with to do the same.


Our promises

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We will incorporate sustainability considerations into our business decisions

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We will continually improve our own environmental performance

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We will promote environmental awareness among our colleagues, clients and wider network.

How are we going to do it?

As a small marketing and design agency, our business has a relatively low impact on the environment.

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We do not directly manufacture anything physical

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We do not operate much in the way of machinery

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We have very little physical paperwork

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We rent our office space with utilities included so have limited control over some aspects, and no way of directly tracking energy or water usage.

But there are still things we can do!

As a team, we have agreed the following action plan.

Environmental Action Plan

Created: January 2022 | Last reviewed: N/A

As a small marketing and design agency, our business has a relatively low impact on the environment.

Energy supplierControlled by landlordRequest landlord to switch to 100% renewable energyRequested 22nd December; will be reviewed when current fixed tariff ends in July 2022
LightingEnergy efficient lighting throughout with occupancy sensorsContinue
HeatingBuilding insulated to reduce heat-loss (within confines of Grade II listing)Continue
EquipmentAppliances with high energy usage are on timer so they are not on 24/7Continue
Various equipment left on (energy saving mode) overnight to avoid disruptionInvestigate what can be switched off without causing service disruptionJanuary 2022
Paper useFSC PaperBuy recycled paperOn next paper order
Waste disposalAll waste into one bin (although we have been taking recycling home!)Separate out recycling at office to ensure all recyclable waste, including from other tenants, goes to the right place.Requested from landlord 22nd December
Data storageAWS (100% committed to renewable energy) and Microsoft cloud storage (carbon neutral since 2021 and commits to being carbon negative by 2030) and local hard driveContinue with current suppliers.

Introduce policy for quarterly cleanse of files and emails to reduce footprint
January 2022
Office suppliesAmazon or other online supplierLook for local office supplierOn case by case basis
Apple computers purchased from John LewisExplore second-hand options before making new purchaseOn case by case basis
General office supplies purchased based on costChoose based on environmental credentials:
Buy plastic-free teabags
From January 2022
PaperMost print through Nettl partnership:
- FSC paper
- ISO 14001
- Biodegradable laminates
- 17 streams to waste for recycling and reprocessing
- Printing plates recycled
- Used chemicals disposed of responsibly
Seek additional supplier with more recycled paper optionsApril 2022
Print volumesGive clients volume/price optionsEncourage clients to only print what they need (not overprint because of economies of scale)From January 2022
Website design
Web hostingSustainable web hosting (Google Cloud)Continue
Energy efficient websitesOptimisation of website throughout build to reduce dataContinue
Company administration
Travel to workAll team drive to work due to distance (when not WHF)Management team switch to electric vehicles

Encourage cycling to work for those who can – requested bike rack from landlord
May 2022
Client meetingsFace to Face where possibleVideo-conferencing or electric vehicleOn case by case basis
BankingBarclaysInvestigate switching to ethical bankAugust 2022
PensionsAutoenrollment through NESTInvestigate switching to moreApril 2022
InsuranceLocal supplierInclude ethical supplier on requirements at next renewalOctober 2022
Carbon emissionsTeam members’ emissions offset through EcologiAim to measure carbon emissions more accurately to ensure offsetting is accurate and as measure to work on reducingApril 2022
Passive environmental winTree planting through EcologiContinue
AccreditationsWorking with Sustainability Centre on making improvementsWork towards BCorp certificationDecember 2024
ClientsMostly local businessesContinue. Focus on attracting like-minded sustainable/ethical businesses. Avoid clients involved in damaging activities such as fossil fuel extractionFrom January 2022
Management team50/50 male/femaleContinue
PayPay our team above the living wageContinue
EducationOne member of team with environmental qualificationAnother environmental champion to complete formal course

Monthly informal team education sessions on environmental topics

Set up library of topical books in office for team to share

Write topical blog posts and share via social media to share knowledge more widely

Run events to help educate around sustainability and marketing
March 2022

From February 2022

February 2022

From February 2022

From September 2022
Local communitiesMember of Buy Local Norfolk, offering them free marketing services

Attend networking events

Take the reins of Norfolk Netwalking and reignite regular meetings
February 2022
Our timeSpent on client workDonate at least one day per month to good causes – volunteering, or FOC marketing for businesses doing good thingsFebruary 2022
Our teamPromote a happy and efficient working environment – encouraging training and development, celebrating team successesIntroduce staff survey to see if we can do betterAugust 2022
CharitiesRaise money for Walking with the Wounded’s Walking Home for Christmas campaignContinue

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