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We’ll let you into a secret. We have a couple of side hustles. There’s Ink on Fabric which specialises in fabric exhibition stands and other kit that we genuinely think is fantastic. Then there’s Branded Deckchairs. No prizes for guessing what that one does.

We first saw these fabric display stands a few years ago now, and we were hooked. They look stunning and are so much more practical than a traditional stand set up. So, if you want to exhibit with style, or even jazz up your office space, come on over to our Dereham office and take a look at them.

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Display stands

Display Stands

Big ones, small ones, ones that display screens. The thing they all have in common is a single expanse of super high quality print for you to get your message across. Great for exhibitions or dividing up your office space.

Display stands


Seating cubes, beanbags, tables, flags – all covered in printable, brandable fabric. Lightweight, washable and fun, bring any space to life with some custom furniture that reflects your personality.
Display stands

Stand design

You’ve booked a space, but you don’t know what to do with it? We can help you make the most of the space and design a stand that really packs a punch. Practical, reusable and easy to assemble, it’s a win all round.
Display stands

Exhibition planning

How are you going to get people over to your stand? What are you going to give them to remember you by? We’ll make sure you have all the bits and bobs you need on your stand for long-term results.
Display stands

Follow ups

The success of an exhibition doesn’t only come down to the work you do whilst you’re there. Following up with your new contacts is key to building valuable relationships. We’ll help you get the right message across.

Why choose fabric?

Don’t be one of those stands at an exhibition that blends into the background. It’s a complete waste of time you being there. We saw fabric, and it completely changed the possibilities.
The first thing you notice is how fantastic they look. The print quality is next level, there are no annoying joins to ruin your artwork; it’s a classy set up. But one that’s affordable and practical too – quick and simple to assemble, lightweight and easy to transport and store, covers that can be changed. They’re even washable. We promise, you won’t look back.
We were a little sceptical when we first heard of fabric banners and displays, but the benefits and stunning looks easily outweigh traditional pull ups!

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