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Fabric exhibition stands

Our sister company, Ink on Fabric, specialises in supplying fabric exhibition stands, banners, flags and more. Why not visit the website to browse the full range of products?


Why choose fabric?

We set up Ink on Fabric because several of our clients had wanted a practical, cost effective but great-looking solution for exhibitions and events. After researching lots of different options, we settled on this range of fabric products as the top choice. Why?

  • They look fab and the quality is great
  • They’re quick and simple to assemble
  • They’re lightweight and easy to transport and store
  • No join lines to ruin your artwork
  • The covers can be changed; they’re even washable!

In short, they’re streets ahead of traditional pop up stands in terms of both impact and practicality. Find out more on the Ink on Fabric site.

We can design your graphics

Any exhibition stand or banner is only as good as the graphics that are on it. We can design your artwork to really make sure passers by at any event or exhibition stop and take notice of your stand. There’s advice on how to write an artwork brief on the Ink on Fabric site. Alternatively, just give us a call on 01362 708500 to discuss.

Why not pop over to the Ink on Fabric website to find out more…