Making Our Business More Sustainable

Nov 17, 2020 | Business, Sustainability

Passionate about protecting the environment

I’ve been passionate about protecting the environment since I was small. Brought up in an ‘outdoorsy’ family, I have a lot of respect for the natural world. All of the terrifying images and statistics about the damage we’re doing to the planet weigh heavy on my mind.

We’ve been making small changes at home to try and reduce our impact on the planet – we’ve opted for a green energy supplier, we’ve been reducing our consumption of single use plastic and are nurturing a baby tree from The Woodland Trust!

But that all got me thinking – what could we do to make our business more sustainable?

Working from a serviced office, we’re somewhat limited in our influence over things like electricity supply. Because most of our clients are local businesses, we don’t need to worry about the impact of any business flights. We don’t actually consume a great deal of raw materials. The laminate on our print range is already biodegradable. But we were certain there was something we could do.

That’s where Ecologi comes in. They plant trees and “fund the world’s best climate crisis solutions”. We’ve signed our business up, which means we’re helping to fund projects across the world which will have a positive impact on the planet. We also officially have a Climate Positive Workforce!

Our contribution equates to:

576 trees planted each year in our ‘forest’
56 tonnes of CO2 removed each year.

It also means that our workforce has their entire lives’ carbon footprint offset. That includes their time at work, and their time outside of work too – bonus!

We think this is a fantastic initiative and would encourage all businesses tosign up and make a difference. If you use one of the links from this email, the fact that we’ve referred you will add 50 more trees to our forest (thank you!), and 10 extra trees to yours! So CLICK HERE and get started.

It’s a small step for us, but a step very much in the right direction. And we don’t intend to stop here – we’ll be taking further action over the coming year to continue to reduce our impact on the planet. Watch this space!

Emma x

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