Our 2023/24 Carbon Footprint Update

Apr 30, 2024 | Sustainability

We’ve been crunching the numbers again to see whether we managed to further reduce our carbon footprint in the last financial year.

The good news is that we totally smashed it with a massive 40.8% decrease! That’s 4.75 tonnes of CO2e compared to 8.02 tonnes in 2022/23.

So, on paper, that’s a huge improvement which is great news, but there is one big difference that we need to mention to build a better picture of what’s really going on.

In the same time period, the size of our team reduced. So, CO2e per head of staff is actually up a fraction from 1.6 tonnes to 2.2 tonnes. Let’s dive into some of the detail to help us understand where we really stand…

Things of note in 2023/24 that have impacted our carbon footprint

  • We’ve reduced our headcount. A challenging year financially necessitated some tricky decisions about the direction of the business. The new, streamlined look is now working very well for us!
  • Our landlord switched to 100% renewable energy at the office in July. We’d like to take some credit for convincing him to do so!
  • We moved from our office in Dereham to a home-based office in January 2024 which reduced commuting miles, and also gave us full control over our electricity supply (100% renewable, of course!).

The above changes have made the biggest difference to our overall carbon footprint as all Scope 2 emissions (our electricity usage) is now carbon neutral.

We’re not too concerned that our tonnes of CO2e per head has gone up a little as there are some limitations as to what we can do to control that. When heating a room, for example, it doesn’t matter whether there are six people in it, or two – the energy used is the same.

You can read more about what we have measured on last year’s update here.

We continue to be “carbon neutral”

We’ve been members of Ecologi for several years now, offsetting some of our carbon via their scheme, and planting extra trees for all print orders over £150. Our tree total currently stands at 33,850, which we’re pretty proud of!

I was excited to discover that Ecologi have improved their reporting tools, so I could easily see that we’ve avoided 13.66 tonnes of CO2e through Ecologi in the past year, so that more than offsets our Scope 1 and 2 carbon footprint making us a carbon neutral business.

What are we going to do better?

Now we’re running on 100% renewable electricity across the business and have streamlined many areas as we’ve reorganised ourselves, I think we’re getting to the point where we are going to struggle to reduce our Scope 1 and 2 emissions much further.

Which brings us to Scope 3! I was hoping to solve this conundrum in the past year using the Ecologi Zero tool. However, as part of the Beta group, I found there were a couple of bits of functionality missing that were making life tricky for us to get an accurate figure. What with the additional challenges of the past year, solving this one fell by the wayside rather.

So, one focus for 2024/25 is to figure out our Scope 3 measurement.

We will then focus on the other things we can do – educate and inform our clients and network more broadly about what they too can be doing to improve their sustainability credentials.

We’ve also been educating ourselves about the latest best practice in green web design to try and ensure the websites we build are as efficient as possible.

We’ve updated our sustainability action plan for the coming year and will be doing our best to continue to make positive strides in this direction.

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