Joules Resource Management

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About This Project

Joules Resource Management

Jonathan Madden set up Joules Resource Management in 2015 to help businesses grow and develop. He needed a website which would project a professional image when potential customers came to “check him out”.

After chatting to Jonathan about his business, we wrote the content and built a responsive site which explains his service. We took some head shots of Jonathan that we could use on the website, and that he could also use across his social media presence. They’re all over the place!

We’ve further supported Jonathan by creating a series of icons to represent the business values he is helping instil with his various clients.

We are working with Joules Resource Management on an ongoing basis by editing and writing blog content for his website. We’re also helping Jonathan get the most from his Norfolk Chamber of Commerce membership by sharing his knowledge on their website.

Jonathan is very smart with loads of experience. If your business needs a bit of help to get it growing in the right direction, he’s your man.

Copywriting, Graphic Design, Marketing consultation, Website Design