Branded Deckchairs

Bespoke Giant and Standard sized deckchairs

A new look, a clever pricing table and easy online ordering 

What we did:


N2S Website

Our task

Branded Deckchairs is one of our sister companies. It has been up and running since 2019 and has been doing very well. We thought it was time to give the logo a bit of a refresh and build a new website to improve usability in response to common queries we receive.

The website has one very simple task, to give customers all the information they need to be able to confidently place an order online for their bespoke deckchairs.

What we did

When building the new website we improved the functionality so now customers can select multiple chairs in their order, and receive a discounted rate based on the quantity of the order. This was built completely from scratch by Adam, our top-notch web developer.

Adam also tinkered around with the artwork upload pop up to make the whole process as intuitive as possible.

We also addressed all of the common questions we were getting asked over email. The information was always available on the old website, but we improved the information available on the product pages.

The result

We are really pleased with the outcome of the new website. We wanted to create a brand and website which felt friendly, welcoming and fresh – with a nod to the great outdoors – and we think we achieved that!

Check it out for yourself: