Buy Local Norfolk

Social Enterprise

A fresh, modern brand to champion local businesses

What we did:


Buy Local Norfolk

The Logo

We’ve been proud members of Buy Local Norfolk for over eight years. We love what they stand for – encouraging people to buy from local businesses, keeping money in the local economy, supporting enterprise, and keeping Norfolk a thriving, diverse place to live and work.

We were tasked with refreshing their logo and jumped at the chance. We knew, however, that this would be a challenge down to the sheer number of considerations. For a start, there were the number of different stakeholders:

  • The team of Buy Local Norfolk Directors – the decision makers for this project, but all with differing backgrounds and views
  • The members – how can we best represent over 200 different businesses? The logo may need to sit next to lots of other brands
  • The general public – the brand needs to have wide appeal and be instantly recognisable
  • Local councils and decision makers – the organisation needs to be taken seriously to engage on important issues.
Buy Local Norfolk window sticker


But there were other things to think about too. Do we need to represent Norfolk within this logo? How can we get across the heart and soul of the organisation? How can we make sure it works for websites, leaflets, social media as well as window stickers, product labels and more? How do we incorporate the strapline?

We worked closely with the Buy Local Norfolk to dig into all of these issues. We worked through a number of concepts, but ultimately landed on a clean, modern design with a fresh colour palette. The simple heart motif represents the love of the county, the supportive nature of the organisation, as well as our local businesses being the heart of what makes Norfolk great.

Buy Local Norfolk Iluustration

Brand elements

We also created a simple illustration as a brand element to complement the logo, and re-skinned the existing website to incorporate this new branding.

The logo was unveiled to lots of complements from members – a huge relief when you’re responsible for keeping so many people happy!

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