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Building a friendly and educational brand mascot

What we did:

Graphic Design
Social Media

Eddie Teddie

Eddie Teddie is Face to Face Finance’s Director of Happiness. He exists in real life, but thanks to us, he now exists in the digital world, and on paper too!

It’s a little-known secret that we write Eddie’s regular blog posts (with his input, of course!), and create the charming little illustrations that go with them. In 2019, we took things a step further by helping Eddie write, print and publish his first book, aimed at helping educate young children about the importance of managing money. We love Eddie – he’s great fun to work with!

Eddie Teddie Goes On Holiday

Eddie’s first book is available on Amazon and in local book stores.

Eddie Teddie Goes On Holiday

Eddie has a monthly blog where he shares tips on finance for young children, as well as tales of travel and adventure.

Eddie Teddie Book

Eddie’s difficult second book takes him to America!

Eddie Teddie Flyer

We’ve produced various supporting graphics for social media, for printed promotion and events.

When we first decided to make Eddie a bigger part of the team, we sat down with Emma to share our vision. Not only did she take this, but she has added to it, and given Eddie not just a voice but a whole personality. Alongside his monthly blogs, Emma and the team at Example have been the masterminds behind his two books aimed at educating children. We have received lots of positive feedback from our clients about Eddie and the important messages that he delivers.

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