Norfolk Coast Partnership

Managing an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Creating a new online home for lots of important information

What we did:


Norfolk Coast Partnership

Our task

This was our biggest project to date, and one very close to our hearts. The Norfolk Coast Partnership look after the Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on behalf of the four local authorities who share responsibility for it. Working towards a sustainable future is core to our values, so the aims of this organisation really appealed to us and we were thrilled to be asked to work on this project.

Having established the need for a new website to help the Partnership achieve their objectives, the first job was for us to assess all 250+ pages of their existing website. We felt there was a need to restructure the content to make it more coherent and tie in with their Management Plan.

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Alongside this, we refreshed their logo, keeping some of the elements from their existing branding, but simplifying the design and modernising the look.

Norfolk Coast Partnership Accessibility
Norfolk Coast Partnership Active Map

Key considerations

Key considerations for the site were:

  • Accessibility
  • Improving the functionality of the active map feature
  • Ensuring the website is easily editable for their in-house team.

We were keen that the design of the site would encourage visitors to the site to explore beyond whichever landing page they started on, so plenty of links between pages and clear navigation was key. We also reviewed all the content to make it more suited to the online audience – a huge task!

The Norfolk Coast Partnership have been positive and supportive throughout the project and are really pleased with the end result. Having hosted a couple of training sessions, they are already happily editing the site, processing orders via their online shop, and looking forward to adding more details of all their projects in the future.

Example Marketing have lead us skilfully through a complex process which has resulted in our great new website and associated branding update. There were challenges, including our organisational procedures and Covid-19 restrictions, which were overcome with patience, understanding and positivity and I have found all staff at Example Marketing to be a pleasure to work with.

Norfolk Coast AONB