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N2S Website

Our task

Having wrangled with a couple of different website self-building platforms and experiencing the design and SEO limitations that these can present, the lovely team at The Thrive Lab decided it was time to get some professional help.

One of the challenges with selling support with workplace wellbeing as a service is that HR managers and team leaders alike may know they need something, but not know exactly what. Building in some wellbeing pathways was a solution to this.

Another challenge can be convincing those that hold the purse strings that investing in wellbeing is worthwhile, so we included some industry stats on the homepage to help strengthen the case.

Their colourful logo was a gift to work with from a design perspective. We needed to create a website which really got across the quality of the team’s service but also communicated their human side.

We love the fresh, bold design, and we’re really looking forward to seeing how we can help increase traffic to the site and support the growth of The Thrive Lab’s business into the future.

Example Marketing have done a fantastic job on our new website. We’re really pleased with the results. 

From the initial meeting with Emma where we didn’t really know what we wanted in our new site, they’ve guided us through the process patiently, painlessly and flexibly. They’ve created a look and feel that reflects our brand both visually and in our messaging. They pulled out all the stops to have the site ready for our switch over, again displaying the calm, ‘can do’ professional approach in all our interactions with the team since they became our marketing partner. 

Big thanks to Emma and the team for getting The Thrive Lab out there in the world.

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