Walk of Oman

Walking With The Wounded

Launching a new flagship expedition for a national charity

What we did:

Graphic Design

Walk of Oman

We’ve enjoyed working with Walking With The Wounded for a number of years now and were excited to support them in the launch of their latest expedition – The Walk of Oman. 

With the challenge of accommodating multiple brands, and ever-changing goalposts due to Covid-19, we worked with the team to build a website that was engaging yet informative. We also designed a range of supporting materials, including social media graphics and a digital invite.

Visit walkofoman.co.uk to experience the website which incorporates simple movement to improve engagement.

Fring Estate Screenshot

Our brief was to create an invite reminiscent of the instantly recognisable cover of National Geographic magazine.

Templewicks Property Search

Anything that involves multiple brand logos poses a challenge, but we cracked it here!

Templewicks Property Search

Bonus material: we’ve also been working on a new-look introductory leaflet for Walking With The Wounded, introducing some new brand elements that we hope to roll out more widely.