Our rebrand: why we’re setting a good example

Our Rebrand

Our rebrand: why we’re setting a good example

It’s almost three years since we launched Example Marketing and Web Design. So we decided it was time to give ourselves a bit of a revamp. The business has come a long way in that time and we didn’t really feel like our old branding did us justice.

But branding your own business is HARD! Going through this process really gave us a renewed appreciation of what our clients are going through when we’re working with them on their new brand. It’s very personal. A new logo should feel exactly right before you sign it off and commit to using it to represent your business.

For us, it took a lot of to-ing and fro-ing before we were happy. We wanted a look that was bold and a bit different from our competitors. We wanted it to feel creative and friendly to represent our service. We didn’t want it to feel too corporate, but we want to be taken seriously. That’s quite a lot of boxes to tick.

We had some reservations over the logo we chose, largely around practical application. When you have that many colours in a logo it can make things really difficult when it comes to using a coloured background. And the overlapping letters don’t really lend themselves to a reversed out version. These are all things we consider when branding any client.

BUT. The logo feels right. We just like it. So we’re going for it. We’ll work around any of the practical issues. We’ve built a website that works and makes the most of the bold colours. So we’re now ready to release it to the rest of the world!

So, why do we think we’re setting a good example?

Well, we’re saying if you’re not happy with your current brand, change it!

For most small businesses, it really won’t cause any issues with customer loyalty or recognition. Use it as an opportunity to say something fresh about your business, to set yourself apart from your competitors. It’s a PR opportunity too – tell people why you’ve revamped yourself and why your new brand better represents your business. Yes, it’s quite a lot of work, but you’ll be really glad you did it. We are!