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Support Norfolk

Surprise! We’re the team behind the Support Norfolk Instagram profile!

We have a lot of fun over there, sharing updates from local Norfolk businesses and chatting with business owners about what they’re up to.

We’re really behind the ethos of buying locally wherever possible. We’re so lucky here in Norfolk to have such a wide range of people and skills all on our doorstep. And we wanted to do our bit to help spread the word! So, get over there, and get involved!

Support Norfolk
Support Norfolk

The story of Support Norfolk

We launched Support Norfolk during the coronavirus pandemic in Spring 2020.

It was a tough time for many small business owners. We could see people all around us trying really hard to keep everything afloat as their places of work were closed down, their events were cancelled and their customers disappeared.

But being in business is often about adapting to adversity. And all around us, businesses were doing that admirably, displaying ingenuity, courage and kindness.
Support Norfolk was about celebrating that. It was about giving local businesses a single platform to share their business updates with the wider community.

It started as a website, where businesses could share updates on how they’ve adapted so they could continue to help and support their customers, and how people could continue to support them. We had over 100 local businesses sign up and use the site which was wonderful.

We launched the Instagram channel at the same time to share good news stories from local businesses. This went down really well!

So, as business begins to return to “normal” for many, we began to wonder “what’s next?” for Support Norfolk.

We decided to retire the website and instead focus on the Instagram channel. We felt that was where we could do the most good. So, head on over and join the conversation!

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