Sustainability Update for 2023

Jan 19, 2023 | Sustainability

If you’ve got to know us at all, you’ll know we’re big on sustainability here at Example Marketing. We’re genuinely trying to do our bit (and more!) for the planet and the people on it.

Last year, we created a sustainability policy to help guide us on our journey. A new year brings a great opportunity to review what we’ve managed to achieve so far, and where we can focus our efforts in 2023.

What we did in 2022:

  • We calculated our carbon footprint so we have something to measure against
  • We gained a Silver accreditation with the Norfolk Carbon Charter in recognition of the sustainability work we’re doing
  • We launched Norfolk Netwalking events and ran eight walks that got fellow business people walking and talking in nature
  • We switched our company pension provider with the aim of giving our team a better return on their investment and more options when it comes to investing ethically
  • We switched our second company vehicle to an electric car
  • We’ve been trying to share our story via our blog and by speaking at Breckland Council’s Net Zero Conference to try and encourage other businesses to take measures to reduce their impact on the planet
  • We now have a separate recycling bin in our office’s communal kitchen (rather than a single stream of waste)
  • We’ve donated our time and skills to support the local community by supporting Buy Local Norfolk and Climate Action for Swanton Morley
  • We raised money for Walking with the Wounded by taking part in their Walking Home for Christmas campaign
  • We planted over 8,000 trees through our Ecologi membership in 2022.

What we’re doing in 2023:

Set a carbon reduction target of 5% year on year.

Introduce a refill station to the office for the team to use.

Improve the effectiveness of our new recycling bin the communal kitchen.

Set a target for cycling to work.

Start recycling our coffee pods through the Podback scheme.

Join the Sustainability Panel at the Norfolk Chamber’s Big Debate.

Run sustainability workshops in our office for small businesses.

Introduce annual employee satisfaction survey.

Introduce a process to gather customer feedback.

We’ve updated our sustainability plan with some actions for the year ahead. We’ll be looking for other opportunities as the year progresses, but we think this is a pretty good start to keep us on track.

  • Set a carbon reduction target of 5% year on year. This may sound like a modest target but, as we have such a low carbon footprint already, it is going to be a bit of a challenge. We have moved into a bigger office since we calculated last year’s numbers so there is only so much we can squeeze from our carbon emissions
  • Introduce a refill station to the office so the team can refill their bottles of household cleaner, washing up liquid and fabric conditioner
  • Improve the effectiveness of our new recycling bin the communal kitchen by creating signage (our team are very good at knowing what goes where but not everyone is!)
  • Set a target for cycling to work – 250 miles this year
  • Start recycling our coffee pods through the Podback scheme
  • Tell more people about our journey by joining the Sustainability Panel at the Norfolk Chamber’s Big Debate event in February
  • Run workshops in our office to help other small business make progress on measuring their carbon footprint and creating their own environmental plan
  • Introduce annual employee satisfaction survey to gather feedback from staff on where we could be doing better
  • Introduce process to gather customer feedback at the end of projects to help us continually improve our service.

It can be hard to prioritise some of these actions against a backdrop of working hard to keep our clients happy, but having them written down increases the chances or us ticking them off. You can see the full plan here.

Feel free to hold us accountable!

And if you wanted to get your name down for one of those carbon footprinting/sustainability policy workshops, do let us know and we’ll get you on the list.

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