Sustainable Website Hosting at Example Marketing

May 4, 2021 | Business, Marketing, Sustainability, Website

Here at Example Marketing, we take our environmental credentials seriously. While we know we’re not perfect, we’re always working towards making our business as sustainable as we possibly can.

Now, we’ve taken steps in lots of areas, but one area that we’ve been focusing on recently is our website hosting packages. We’re always on the lookout for fast, reliable web hosting for our customers, but we’ve also been searching for a more sustainable, eco-conscious way of developing for the web.

Data Centres: The Problem

With all the news stories at the moment about how much energy is being used by modern technologies like cryptocurrency, you might be forgiven for thinking that working with the internet is inherently un-sustainable.

And it’s certainly true that data centres can use up a lot of energy. The servers which power the web have to run non-stop and need to be artificially cooled to work effectively. Plus, the components used in these systems are manufactured from raw materials that are often mined from the Earth.

However, there are ways to make data centres and servers more eco-friendly. That’s what we’ve been investigating at Example Marketing, and we’re really excited to announce that we’re now using green web hosting for our hosting solutions.

Our Solution: Green Web Hosting

As many of our customers know, over the last few months we’ve been moving websites over onto our new server. Our new server partner provides hosting that’s faster and more reliable than what we were using before, but it’s also more sustainable.

We work with Google Cloud hosting. Google has a number of sustainability schemes which match 100% of the energy consumed by their global data operations with renewable energy, and they are committed to becoming carbon neutral. So – if your website is hosted with us, it’s actually powered by renewable energy!

Alongside using servers powered by renewable energy, we’re also pursuing more sustainable hosting by optimising the websites that we host. Think about it this way: if you upload an image to your server that’s larger than it needs to be, every time someone views that image, you’re wasting energy. By using modern, next generation compression formats and ensuring optimal storage, we can collectively bring down the amount of data that’s wasted across the internet, making the web greener.

The more efficient your website is, and the more efficient the server is, the better for the environment! Plus, making your website more efficient could also make it rank better in Google.

Sustainable Marketing: The Rest of Our Business

Now, we’ve also been trying to make the rest of our business as green as we can. We do this by paying for carbon offset credits to make our workforce carbon neutral, as well as through our 10,000 trees pledge.

We’ve planted nearly 11,000 trees, and we’re continuing to plant even more through our partnership with Ecologi. We plant trees for every customer who places a print order over £150 with us, and we’re continuing this pledge throughout 2021 and beyond.

Our print partners also use biodegradable matte and gloss laminates, and we’re continually in dialogue with our print and delivery partners about making sure we’re using the most sustainable materials and solutions possible.

Interested in sustainable web hosting for your business? You can find out more about our sustainability journey, or just get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

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