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Jun 17, 2022 | Our Newsletter


Creativity in Meetings

There’s no better feeling than discovering something that is useful.

We are big fans of The Marketing Meetup and try to catch as many of their talks as we can.

Recently, a lightning talk by Jodie Newman all about Creativity caused our ears to prick up. We thought we would share it with you. Creative thinking can be hard, and this just may change the way you do it – rewarding you with some killer ideas along the way.

Watch: Jodie Newman A Toolkit for Creativity (10 minutes)

It’s something we are going to try and implement more in the office.


Norfolk Netwalking

We love the great outdoors. Whether we are out for a lunchtime stroll, pre-work run or family adventure, there are many benefits from getting a hit of fresh air and exercise.

We also understand the importance of networking with likeminded people to grow our connections. The problem we have often found with networking, however, is that it all feels a little forced. Popping on your nicest clean outfit, walking into a room full of people (hopefully they’re not all strangers) and having to find a seat. It brings back all the ‘first day of school’ memories – no thanks.

*Disclaimer* Saying that, we have been to many networking events which aren’t as bad as we make them out to be!

Our solution? To combine the benefits of networking with or love of the great outdoors. We picked up the mantle of Norfolk Netwalking and off we went.

Three months down the line and with two events under our belts we are pleased to say that people have shown up to – and enjoyed – the walks.

Our next walk is at Whitlingham Country Park on Friday 24th June. Why not join us for a catch up? We would love to see you there. Head to the Norfolk Netwalking website for find out all the information and book your spot.

Here’s something else we’ve done: We’ve been awarded the Silver Level of the Norfolk Carbon Charter. Chuffed is an understatement! Read all about it.


Magnolia Bakery

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Recently, Owen came across the re-brand of New York bakery, Magnolia Bakery, which really caught his eye – a particular interest of his as he designed cupcake branding for his sister!

Take a look at the new, whimsical branding for yourself. Just click here.

Although, we must warn you, there is a high chance of sugar cravings if you take a peek…

Read: National Geographic May ’22 issue – Saving Forests

If you follow us on Instagram or LinkedIn you are probably well aware of our love for trees. When we spotted that this month’s National Geographic issue was all about saving forests, we just had to get out hands on a copy! It’s full of stunning photos and articles on the importance of trees, the effects of climate change and possible solutions.

The magazine just so happens to be beautifully designed too.

Watch: Mark Ritson: Febreeze Case Study (10 mins)

An interesting case study explaining how Febreeze made themselves stand out from the crowd.

Watch on YouTube.

Do: Open Farm Sunday

Whilst Open Farm Sunday was officially last week, if you missed it, fear not – you have one more chance! On Sunday (19th June) Pound Farm in North Tuddenham, just down the road from us, are having an Open Farm. Hop on a tractor and trailer ride, milk a cow or just get stuck into some delicious ice cream, made right there on the farm. Entry is free and it’s a great way to learn more about the environmental credentials of the farm and get your hands on some local produce too. Hello low food miles!

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