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Mar 17, 2023 | Our Newsletter

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It’s time for another Example-Marketing-have-seen-some-things-they-think-you-will-like round up! It’s probably the highlight of your month, right?! 

This month, we’ve been getting our teeth stuck in to some exciting new projects, caught up with a lot of lovely people at networking events, and we’re trying to do our bit to help small businesses and start-ups get online.

Now, please enjoy our bunch of somethings.

Until next time ✌️
The Example Marketing Team

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Advice from Google: AI Generated Content

Image credit: Google Search Console

You are probably aware that AI-generated content is somewhat of a talking point at the moment. Google obviously have a thing or two to say about the use of AI-generated content but how do they assess it when it comes to ranking content? 

In a nutshell: Google rewards high-quality content so they focus on the quality of the content rather than who wrote it. 

They have put together a handy article full of advice and FAQs all about AI content and Google Search. Discover Google Search’s guidance here > 

List of questions to ask your developer


Affordable Websites for Small Businesses 

This almost definitely isn’t first time you have heard this, but times are tough right now! The world feels a little bit like we have been dumped in a washing machine and are just being thrown around not knowing what to expect next…ok, this may be a little dramatic but we’re sure you know what we mean!

We wanted to do something to help start-ups and small businesses get ahead, so we have been working on a new affordable website package for small businesses. We’ve knocked a chunk off our normal price for a starter website, for a limited time only.

You still get the same top-notch service from an experienced team and bespoke website designed just for you, just at a ‘cost-of-living crisis’ price. Find out more on our website >

And, as a little Brucey bonus, if you are in Norfolk you could also be eligible for a £500 grant through the Go Digital scheme which can be put towards a new website 🙌

Feel free to share with friends, family and contacts – anyone who you think may be interested!

Emma from Example marketing at the Big Debate
We love launching new websites because we know how excited our clients are to get their brand new site out in the world. Recently we completed a new site for Specialist Vehicle Training, and learned a lot about tracked vehicles along the way!
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I Came By Train

Image credit, Craig David’s YouTube

Unexpected collaborations are one of our favourite things so we were delighted when we came across the ‘I Came By Train’ campaign. It’s an amazing collaboration between Craig David and Trainline to encourage sustainable travel by taking the train. Craig wrote a song, Better Days (I Came By Train), for the campaign and it’s an actual bop! Listen for yourself here > Bonus points too for the wonderful animated music video featuring Mother Nature herself.

Any campaign which shines a spotlight on sustainability, especially when served with a side of fun, is a winner in our books!

The Drum have put together a round up of the ‘5 best modern sustainability marketing campaigns’ – including Trainline’s – in one of their recent articles. It’s certainly worth a look! Read the article here >

Read: Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals by Oliver Burkeman

Sometimes there is nothing better than sitting down with a good book. Emma R recently had an ‘a-ha!’ moment when reading Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals by Oliver Burkenman.

Here’s what she has to say about it: “This was not the book I thought it was going to be…and that is a good thing! Part self-help book, part philosophical quest, the book explores how we might more meaningfully approach our 4,000 weeks (the average human lifespan). You’re never going to reach the end of your to do list – embrace that. Missing out on stuff is basically guaranteed – accept that. Don’t sacrifice the present in favour of an imagined future. Stop. Trying. To. Do. Everything.

Despite forcing you to face your own mortality, I found it an uplifting read that made me breathe a little sigh of relief!”

Available at all good book stores and places you download your ebooks from.

Watch: Wild Isles BBC and Sir David Attenborough (1 hour)

Example Marketing fave, Sir David Attenborough, graced our screens on Sunday evening in the brand new series, Wild Isles. It’s an incredibly wholesome and beautiful exploration of the amazing wildlife you can find right here, in our little corner of the world.

Watch Wild Isles >

Do: Book in for Netwalking!

We are a little bit flabbergasted that our netwalking sessions keep selling out! THANK YOU to everyone who comes along each month and supports our networking venture.

We’re sold out again for March’s walk but there are still a few spaces left to join us in April at the UEA Broad, we’re teaming up with The Big C Cancer Charity for this one. Make sure you get your tickets booked in plenty of time if you would like to come along and netwalk with us – it’s completely free. They seem to be going like hot cakes!

Book your spot at one of our upcoming walks on the Norfolk Netwalking website>

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