The Journal Issue 12

May 20, 2023 | Our Newsletter

The Journal Issue 12


Today is National Pizza Party Day, and just by chance we DID have a pizza party for lunch! ūüćē If only we had realised this before we devoured the lot, it would have been an excellent tenuous link for social media. Shame. Next time!¬†

Now, while we slip into a carb coma, here is May’s list of somethings ūü•≥

Until next month,
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SMS Marketing Best Practices: 8 Tips

Image credit: Klaviyo

SMS marketing isn’t something that we talk about very often, but it can be an effective way to connect with your clients. Klaviyo has conducted an SMS consumer sentiment report¬†which suggested that twice as many shoppers would prefer to hear from you via text rather than social media.

So if you’re not already doing it, is SMS marketing something you should be considering?

If you are interested in setting up an SMS campaign, Klaviyo has written a comprehensive article exploring the best practices to gain the most engagement. Read their article here >

List of questions to ask your developer

A New Website for Greenhouse Pro

Greenhouse Pro were doing a great job at designing and selling quality Greenhouses locally so they decided it was time to take their business national! They wanted to make a curated collection of greenhouses available for purchase and delivery across country.

They tasked us with refreshing their logo and putting together a swanky new ecommerce website to make buying a premium greenhouse simple.

This was such a fun project to work on, we love how the website has turned out, take a look for yourself >

If you are local to Dereham and looking for opportunities to meet other local businesses why not drop along to 360 Networking? It takes place on the second Friday of every month, 8am-9.30am at the Romany Rye. If you would like more information drop Emma a line ( or just pop along!

Mint mobile ad



Image credit BBC News

You may have seen that last weekend, fundraising legend Kevin Sinfield carried friend Rob Burrows across the finish line at the first Rob Burrow Leeds Marathon. It was a really special moment which reminded us of the power of teamwork and the importance of having a good network around you. 

We also happened to spot one of the Giant Deckchairs we had printed for a client in the back of an Instagram photo on the same weekend from the Heaton Park 5k race. It never stops being weird seeing something you have produced out in the wild and we get a buzz from it every time!

One thing that this did prove to us is that items such as Giant Deckchairs, flags and banners are a great way of getting yourself noticed Рwhether as an event or business, or as supporter in a crowd cheering your friend on during a race! 

Read: How To Grow Your YouTube Channel by Hubspot

If you are anything like us you use YouTube regularly, not just to relearn the dance routines from our fave 90s bangers, but to actually learn something useful too. With 2.6 billion active users, YouTube is an excellent place to be if you have a skill to share or something to teach. But there are A LOT of channels out there so how do you stand out from the crowd?

HubSpot have put together a really handy article to help you optimise your channel if you just can’t get enough of that video life. Read their article ‘How to Grow Your YouTube Channel’ here >

Watch: The Best Pay-Per-Click Strategies For Small Businesses (PPC Ads) by HubSpot (7 minutes)

One of the best ways to get in front of people when they are looking for what you are offering is with PPC ads.¬†The best way to raise awareness of your brand so people find you when they aren’t specifically searching for you could be social media ads. But where do you start? Luckily HubSpot has a handy video to guide small businesses to the best PPC strategies.

Watch the 7 minute video here >

(Sure, it looks like we are fangirling over HubSpot this month, but they have so many useful things to share!)

Do: Request a Review

We all know that social proof is an excellent way to prove that you really do know what you are talking about and actually you are really rather good at your job.

Online reviews and testimonials are the perfect way for people to learn a little more about you before engaging you on your services.

Unfortunately, human nature dictates that people are more likely to write reviews if they have something to complain about. The nice reviews sometimes require a little more encouragement so this month we are encouraging you to drop a line to your top 5 clients, or most recent clients to ask for a quick review.

Whether they want to send a testimonial in an email which can be used on your website, or are happy to leave a Google review, both are as effective as each other.

Oh, whilst we think about it, if we have done some awesome work for you, how about leaving us a review? Well, we have to practice what we preach…

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