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Jul 15, 2022 | Our Newsletter


Sustainability Grants

Image credit: New Anglia.

We take sustainability pretty seriously so when we saw the Business Transition to Net Zero Grant being offered by New Anglia, we thought we would spread the news.

The Business Transition to Net Zero Grant is aimed at businesses in Norfolk and Suffolk with ambitions to reduce their carbon footprint and increase productivity.

The entry requirements are a total project cost of £150k so a little above most of our budgets but you may know someone who this could be perfect for.

Full details can be found on the New Anglia website.

N2S Website


New Website for N2S

We were pleased to be able to build a new website for healthcare providers, N2S. The task, to help patients access the information they need.

The team at N2S were keen to modernise the look of their website so it reflected the cutting-edge service they offer.

It was important that the site helped answer some of the common questions the team get asked to give prospective patients peace of mind and convenience. There was a lot of information to share for some procedures, so we focussed on making this information as easy to digest as possible.

Despite there being no historical website data to benchmark against, the team at N2S have been really pleased with the new site.

Here’s something else we’ve done: Emma D recently joined the board of Directors at Buy Local Norfolk. Hooray! 


Norwich City Football Club Rebrand

Image credit, SomeOne via Creative Review

Norwich City Football Club have recently had a brand ‘overhaul’ following on from the new crest which was launched a few months a go.

The crest wasn’t received too well in the design community but the aim of the new visuals was to create something that not only had visual impact but also a deeper meaning.

SomeOne, a fancy pants London Agency, drew inspiration from local history and landed on a design inspired by ‘The Strangers’ – a group that fled religious persecution in the Low Countries and arrived in Norfolk in the 14th century, bringing with them the skill of weaving.

Whilst we think the graphics are great, are fascinated by the weaving influence, and admire that all levels of people involved with the club were consulted, we do wonder whether Norwich City Football Club approached any local agencies to take on the task? They have an abundance of talent right on their doorstep, maybe they didn’t need to reach out to the ‘Big Smoke’ after all.

See more of the new NCFC identity on the Creative Review or SomeOne websites.

Read: There’s No Planet B by Mike Berners Lee

Here’s a fun fact, we have a small ‘sustainability library’ in the office. It’s 6 books strong so far but we’re always looking to expand so if you have any recommendations of amazing books about the environment or sustainability, let us know!

Anyway, this month we would like to shine a light on one of the books from our little library; There’s No Planet B by Mike Berners Lee.

It’s a thought-provoking read about how we could all be living a little better. The chapters are broken down in to topics like food, travel and transport and people and work with a list of questions answered in each chapter. Whilst the content may not be classed as ‘light reading’ it’s still super easy to digest and gives a very good ‘big picture’ overview of the situation we find ourselves in and how we, as a society, can make a difference.

100% would recommend. Definitely worth a read 👍

Watch: The Marketing Meetup Webinar: What you need to know about GA4 and how to implement it (1 hour)

In this webinar, the brilliant Mary Owusu explains what changes Google Analytics 4 is bringing, what that means for you, and how to practically implement the right set up for GA4.

Set some time aside if you can and have a watch, it’s an incredibly useful webinar. There is one year left to make sure you are set up and ready to go.

Watch on the Marketing Meet Up site (1 hour).

Do: Whitwell Steam Rally Sat 21st July – Sunday 22nd July 🚂

If you, or someone in your family is a fan of a train, steam engines, classic cars, craft stalls or live entertainment, then we could have the perfect weekend activity for you.

On Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st July the Whitwell and Reepham Railway Station Steam Rally is set to return for 2022!

With some of us being fairly local to Reepham this is is an event we like to go to every year, it’s especially great for kids – they can even blow off a little steam (ba-dum-tss!) on the new children’s play area.

Tickets are available online now. Maybe we’ll see you there?

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