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Aug 19, 2022 | Our Newsletter


Google’s Hum to Search Feature

If you’re anything like us, you often get a song stuck in your head and just can’t place it. You can hum the tune or sing it in do do dos and dah dah dahs, but it’s just not helping.

Well, Google to the rescue! You might already know this (but we’ve only just discovered it) Google has a hum to search feature which means you can hum, whistle or sing that mystery tune and Google will do it’s thing to tell you what it is you’re singing. Magic.

All you have to do is click the mic icon, say ‘What’s this song?’ and then hum away.

The search giants have done it again!

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Mini MBA in Marketing

The key to being the best at what you do is to continue to learn and grow your skills. That’s the funny thing about the world, no matter how long you have been in an industry, it is always growing and changing so there is always something new to learn. And it doesn’t hurt to remind yourselves of the basics either.

Our brains are constantly busy and filling up with new information – some of the stuff you learned many moons ago may have since fallen out of your ear!

At the end of last month Emma 1 and Emma 2 completed the Mini MBA in Marketing course, an excellent qualification run by Mark Ritson.

Here’s to continued professional development 🥂

Here’s something else we’ve done: got a spiffing new website live, It’s the sister site of Counting Kids – we just love the fun use of colour in these two designs! 


Happy Birthday, Lego!

Image credit, Jonathan Pow via Creative Review.

How many of you have got a massive storage box full of Lego at home? Yep – a few hands went up there. Oh, maybe some of you are even so organised that they are sorted into colours or block shapes 😍 It’s what tidy dreams are made of. We did try it once but the sorted Lego only stayed sorted for approximately eleven minutes…

This month, Lego celebrated 90 years of play! They celebrated by holding their first ever World Play Day which comprised of a number of activities across the world, one of which being this VERY cool lego maze in York.

Lego released a series of videos featuring famous Lego fans, showing that Lego isn’t just for children…but we already knew that! You can check out the 90 second Lego challenges on Lego’s YouTube channel >

Read: Positive News: Taste of the future? Vertical farming is finally growing up in the UK

Some good news to share. Vertical farming is on the rise in the UK, the practice ‘promises to boost food security, reduce emissions and do away with fertilisers’.

In fact, there is a vertical farm being built on the Food Enterprise Park in Norwich. We were lucky enough to be given a tour of the site today with our Norfolk Netwalking group and the RNAA.

Read all about it on the Positive News website >

Watch: Robert Mayhew on LinkedIn or TikTok

We’ve been following Robert Mayhew for a while now and he absolutely crack us up!

Robert creates short videos poking fun at what it’s like to work in an agency. Here is one of our favourites: How every agency expects their clients to react when waiting in reception.

Give him a follow on LinkedIn or TikTok for work based laughs.

Do: A Productivity Exercise

How often do you get stuck for ideas, or a challenge is just proving itself as too…challenging. We usually find that taking a break from thinking about the problem can inspire a lightbulb moment. Planting the idea seed and allowing it to grow, if you will. For us, the walk to the toilets in the office can be a real motivator!

There are plenty of other ways to work through and idea, and Jodie Newman has a great technique to brew more ideas for your business! >

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