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Sep 16, 2022 | Our Newsletter


Updates to the Google Content Algorithm

Oh Google, you ever changing beast. It’s part of our job to keep a close eye on what Google is up to so we can ‘do marketing’ more effectively. They have recently rolled out a new core algorithm update which puts more focus on content quality rather than quantity (which we’ve always done, anyway).

We’ve digested the algorithm update and written a handy blog post explaining everything you need to know. Find out what Google has updated, what you should be doing to make the most of the update and whether it will affect your site ranking.

Read: Putting Helpful Content First: Could Google’s Latest Update Effect Your Site’s SEO? >

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New Additions to the Team

TWe have had a very exciting start to the month, welcoming two new Examplings to the team!

Maddy (left) is our new senior marketing whizz and Becky (right) joins us as our creative graphic design aficionado. Both have settled in very well and are already making their mark, which we absolutely love.

Oh, how did we welcome them to the team, you ask? Naturally we had a pizza lunch party! 🍕

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If you pay any attention to us at all, you will know that we are big on sustainability. We have been granted the Silver Norfolk Carbon Charter accreditation and plant trees to offset our carbon emissions.

Emma has been very busy calculating our carbon emissions (not an easy task in a shared office, we can tell you). She has worked out that, from April 2021 to March 2022, we have produced 8.5 tonnes of carbon equivalent but have offset 64.4 tonnes through Ecologi. So you know what that means, we’re properly carbon neutral! Hooray!

Read how we calculated our footprint and the challenges we faced. >


A Show of Respect!

After the sudden and sad news of The Queen’s passing, it has been so lovely to see all the happy memories and candid photos shared across the media.

We are the ‘always look for the silver lining’ type of people so this wave of positivity is right up our street.

We’re experiencing a time of change, and that can be rather unnerving – for these are turbulent times indeed! But taking the time to remember The Queen and her steadfastness, dignified behaviour and steady presence has been rather inspiring.

Read: The latest social media updates

Social media is an ever evolving entity. It’s essentially a full time job in itself and takes a lot of care and attention to see tangible results. If you are responsible for a social media account, it’s always worth keeping an eye on the latest news.

Here are a couple of articles we have spotted this week which you may find useful:

Watch: How to break away from billable time and charge for creativity webinar (1 hour)

We are big fans of The Marketing Meetup, it’s a great community of marketing folk and they put on some excellent webinars. Really, we would recommend heading over to and watching a few back.

This week, season 8 of the webinars kicked off with a thought provoking instalment by Giles Edwards from …Gasp! He was talking all about recognising your value and charging for your expertise and not your time. I think we can all be a bit guilty of this one.

You may have heard a lot of what he is saying before, but it’s always nice to be reminded.

Catch up with the wonderful webinar here (1 hour) >

Do: The Great Big Green Week (24th Sept – 2nd Oct)

The Great Big Green Week is the UK’s biggest ever celebration of community action to tackle climate change and protect nature.

There are loads of great events happening across the county. Some of the team will be taking part in the Swanton Morely litter pick and if you are near Wymondham, there is heaps you can get involved with!

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