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Oct 31, 2022 | Our Newsletter


Google Maps Update

Google Maps have been busy making some changes to their Maps platform for developers.

  • Routes API
  • New routing, address validation and map customisation capabilities
  • Customisable map markers

Routes API: The new Routes API update offers new advanced features to provide more informative, flexible routes and improved ETA accuracy. These include 2 -wheel routes for motorbikes and mopeds (particularly handy for food delivery), information about toll pricing and real-time traffic information along each section of the route. Click here to read more about the new Routes API for developers >

New routing and address validation: Eco-friendly routing is becoming available to all web developers. This option allows for routes to be chosen which are optimised for lower fuel consumption. Google are claiming that since its launch, the eco-friendly routing option has helped to reduce carbon emissions by an estimated half a million metric tonnes. That’s pretty impressive.

Another handy little feature that the Maps platform is introducing is address validation. The new API helps to detect when an incorrect address has been popped in and will suggest the correct address instead. The idea here is to reduce missing, delayed and refunded orders for those who are regularly shipping orders out of the door.

There is too much detail about the routing, validation and map customisation changes to go into in our journal so find out more about the new capabilities here >

Customisable map markers: Map markers are about to get a whole lot more personal. Google have announced a preview release of Advanced Markers for the Maps JavaScript API. This will allow developers to customise the red marker pins, use SVGs and PNGs for customisation of the pins and create customisable interactive experiences with pins. Find out more about customisable map markers here >

N2S Website


New Website: The Thrive Lab

We have been working with The Thrive Lab for a little while now, helping with their marketing strategy. The Thrive Lab specialise in Workplace Wellbeing and are such a talented and lovely group of ladies!

We were delighted when they asked us to help with a brand new website. They had self-built their own site on another platform and it was time for a refresh and to create something a little more professional with fewer restrictions. They also wanted something built with SEO in mind to help improve their visibility.

The Thrive Lab has a great brand identity with a strong use of colours and lovely hexagonal iconography. We wanted to carry this through to the website and create a strong identity which is instantly recognisable.

The Thrive Lab team were chuffed with their new website (us too) and we’re now working together with an ongoing SEO package to help other people find and enjoy the website too!

Take a look for yourself! >

We’ve hit a bit of a milestone with our carbon offsetting. We have now planted over 25,000 trees with Ecologi. That’s 168.91 tonnes of carbon reduction 🙌 You can check out our virtual forest here >


Search On 22

Image credit, Search On With Google.

As well as their Maps platform update, Google have announced improvements to their search capabilities. The highlights are:

  • ‘The age of visual search is here, where your camera is the next keyboard.’ Search by using the lens icon on your search bar, take images and add text to find the exact thing you are looking for – bagel bag, anyone?
  • Blending translated text onto complex images. This is the ability to translate text from an image so you can understand the world around you.
  • Improved ability to dig deeper during your searches with recommended search terms and topics which can be added on and taken away with ease.
  • Maps are being developed into a multi-dimensional view of the real world. New features include ‘Neighbourhood Vibe’, immersive view and search with live view (this one is pretty cool).
  • There are also updates coming for when you search for food (more detailed information) and the term ‘Shop’ (shop the look feature and 3D product images).
  • Customised routes on Google Maps depending on your engine type and annual fuel costs and emission estimates for cars in search results for when you are researching new car options.
  • Launch of the Results About You tool. From the Google app you can request the removal of search results which contain your phone number, home address or email address.

Phew! Google have been busy.

They are aiming to create ‘search experiences that work more like our minds, that are as multi-dimensional as people are.’

Watch the full presentation (51.47 min) or the recap (8.22 min) here >

Read: The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles that Fuel Success and Performance at Work by Shawn Achor.

Science has proven that happiness actually fuels success and performance, not the other way around. When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. When we’re happier and more positive, we’re more engaged, creative, resilient to stress and productive.

Want to know how to get there? This book shares seven core principles of positive psychology that you can use to improve your performance, grow your career and gain a competitive edge.

Recommended by Emma R.

Find out more about the book >

Watch: Advertising a Good Life in 2023 (52 Mins)

This is an incredibly thought-provoking and inspiring project. Created by Purpose Disruptors, the advertising industry is put under the spotlight to see how their influence in the world can encourage a better future.

Three creative ad agencies were asked to put an ad together, advertising the Good Life 2030. Please, watch these ads, even if you don’t watch the whole video – they are completely brilliant and well worth taking the time. View the ads at 29mins 09secs.

Watch Advertising a Good Life on YouTube (52 mins) >

Do: Go Pumpkin Picking

It’s Spooky Season! Which can only mean one thing…pop those wellies on and off you go to pick a pumpkin from a field with the little ones in your life (or just yourself if you’re still little at heart!).

We can’t be the only ones who turn into a big kid at this time of year when it’s time to carve the pumpkins can we?

Big Family Little Adventures has written a handy article of ’13 Fantastic Pumpkin Patches in Norfolk’. Take a look to find your nearest one >

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