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Nov 27, 2022 | Our Newsletter


New Instagram features

Image credit: Instagram via Hubspot

We all know that social media is a great way to connect with your audience, get to understand your ideal client and share a bit more about you and your business.

But it takes a lot of work and it can be super tricky cutting through the noise and reaching the right people. Especially when the algorithm keeps changing and once you finally get used to one thing, along comes an update and suddenly you should be filming yourself to get on the feed 😩

No matter! Hubspot have our backs and have written a really helpful article of 11 New Instagram Features Marketers Should Be Using in 2022 >

From dual camera reels, to remix photos and interactive stickers, find out the latest features which may just inspire you to up your Instagram game.

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Breckland Council NetZero Conference

Image credit: Greg Pearson

Emma took to the stage at the Breckland Council NetZero Conference earlier this month. She was invited along to talk about our journey to becoming a more sustainable business.

Emma was joined by an inspiring panel including Greg Pearson from Beckland Council, William Bridgman from Warren Services Limited, Ellen Goodwin from New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership, Glenn Anderson from Wendling Beck and Andy Holyland from Net Zero East & Hydrogen East.

Working to be as sustainable as possible is at the core of what we do here are Example Marketing. Being able to share our experience and hand out some tips to help other local businesses along on their own sustainable journey was a real honour!

We would also like to take a second to give huge props to our two newest Examplings, Becky and Maddy, for creating some wonderful animations for Emma’s slides 👏 Keep making your mark, ladies!

Clever clogs Maddy is now Google Analytics Certified! She can glean valuable insights from Google Analytics and churn the data to help with marketing strategy. Yay, Maddy! Huge well done ✨


Christmas has arrived!

Image credit, Asda

Heck, Christmas seems to be arriving earlier and earlier each year – to some people’s despair and other people’s absolute delight (ahem, Emma D, we’re looking at you!).

Roughly a week ago we were treated to a flurry of Christmas adverts being released but one stood out from the crowd. Asda had enlisted the help of a Christmas ICON and we couldn’t have been happier.

In case you haven’t seen it (where have you been?!) Buddy the Elf applies for a festive colleague roll at Asda and high jinx ensues. The advert has been written to make use of iconic clips from the film, which have been cleverly spliced in to the ad.

We think it is a genius advert bringing joy to the festive season. We also wonder how long it took to edit the ad together and what the marketing budget was for this one!

Excellent work, Asda and Havas London 🎄🙌

Read: Follow Shania Twain’s lead and make sure product isn’t the forgotten P of marketing by Mark Ritson.

Marketing guru Mark Ritson has been mulling over the addition of pasta sauces to the Heinz product range. To summarise his article…

Ritson couldn’t work out the reason behind the marketing, thinking their line “150 years late” missed the mark. Customers won’t have thought about how long it has taken to bring out a pasta sauce, nor is it a real reason to buy the sauce. In the customer first world of marketing – why would a client care about the fact it’s taken Heinz 150 years to release a pasta sauce? We can’t imagine they get many letters crying out for a Heinz pasta sauce (or maybe they do).

Until he was enjoying a couple of bottles of red wine whilst watching a Shania Twain documentary – of course! So why did Shania change his mind?

The reason is because she was good. 12 charting singles from a single album, that’s pretty impressive. Her product was better than anyone else’s at the time and ultimately product is the most important P in marketing. In reality your back story isn’t going to matter too much if you are trying to flog a sub-par product.

As it turns out, though, the Heinz pasta sauce is pretty good so they will probably do alright.

Read Ritson’s article here, it’s a good one >

Watch: Together for implementation (2 Mins)

We held our breath watching COP27’s Together for Implementation film. It places us in the heart of extreme weather events, which are quickly becoming a common occurrence.

Their message? It’s time to act.

“Instead of waiting to hear about what awaits us if we don’t come together, let us see what we can accomplish when we do”

Watch Together for Implementation on YouTube (2 mins) >

Do: One sustainable thing

Inspired by COP27 we encourage you to do one sustainable thing this month. Whether it’s for your business or in your home life, just a small change will do.

The sum of small efforts can add up to a big difference. And one adjustment can often snowball into more and more small acts of change.

Use the UN’s SDGs as inspiration >

Read our article for examples of how small businesses can implement SDGs >

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