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Jan 23, 2023 | Our Newsletter

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It is definitely too late to say this now, but we’re going to say it anyway (we just can’t help ourselves) Happy New Year!

We hope your 2023 has got off to a flying start. We have certainly noticed business starting to pick up again after the festive break and it’s nice to get our teeth stuck in to some new projects.

As usual, we’ve created a little round up of some of our favourite things for January – enjoy!

The Example Marketing Team 🙌

Key Takeways form the linkedin algorithm report


Takeaways from the LinkedIn Algorithm Report Illustration

Information and illustration credit: Richard van der Blom and Katrin Wietek via LinkedIn.

We came across this very handy and succinct summary of how to improve your LinkedIn efforts.

If, like us, you have been meaning to fully embrace LinkedIn and grow your ‘personal brand’ it can be tricky to know where to start and how to smash the platform. As you would imagine LinkedIn is controlled by an algorithm which you probably don’t have the time, or inclination, to figure out by yourself.

There is so much advice out there, and we’re sure you have come across a very clever LinkedIn trainer or two who will be able to guide you through the whole thing. But, if you’re looking for something easily digestible in the meantime, we think this illustration does the trick.

Check out Richard van der Blom’s post on LinkedIn >

Sustainability update 2023


Sustainability Update 2023

As a sustainable business with a Norfolk Carbon Charter accreditation, we have a responsibility to continually review and improve our efforts. With that in mind, we have taken a look at what we achieved last year and come up with a list of ways we can improve our sustainability efforts in 2023.

Our biggest challenge this year is to reduce our carbon emissions. We only emit 8.60 tonnes CO2e, which is pretty low. We have moved into a bigger office since we did our calculations so there is only so much we can shave off our carbon emissions. Wish us luck!

You can read all about our 2022 achievements and 2023 goals in our latest article >

A new year usually means time for a new marketing plan. Are you currently banging your head on the desk wondering how to approach your marketing this year?

We could give you a helping hand. Choose the right marketing package from our marketing menu and understand exactly how we can help you and where your money is going.

Find out more on our website >

Mcdonalds logo on post it note


McDonalds New Advert

Image credit: Mcdonalds via Youtube

Scrolling through LinkedIn, we came across Joe Glover posting about the new McDonalds advert and we completely agree with his sentiment.

The new McDonalds advert is simple, but very clever. It effectively sells the experience of treating yourself to a McDonalds lunch, without showing a single piece of food. So, actually, you don’t feel like you’re being sold to at all, but I bet you fancy a Bic Mac now. 😉

It also helps how the music is incredibly catchy and we couldn’t make it through the ad without raising our brows 👀 Bravo McDonalds, very well done.

Watch the ad here >

Read: What went right in 2022: the top 25 good news stories of the year. By Positive.News

It’s always nice to reflect on some good news amongst the backdrop of not-so-nice news. If you need a little pick-me-up have a read through the top 25 good news stories of the year, published by Positive.News. Including shifts to the way we treat the climate, recovery of endangered species and progress in tackling cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Read the full article here >

Watch: Marketing Meetup Webinars (1 hour)

The Marketing Meetup have just released their new season of webinars, covering a whole host of topics including marketing for small business, how to sell on social media and building your profile on LinkedIn: company and personal pages.

They are typically held on a Tuesday afternoon at 2pm. They’re an hour long and well worth tuning in, if you have the time!

If they don’t quite fit your schedule, you can always catch up with the recordings.

Sign up to upcoming webinars>

Watch previous webinars>

Do: Go to the Norfolk Chambers of Commerce ‘The Big Debate’

Emma is on the Net Zero & Sustainability Panel, very exciting!

Other panels include Transport & Infrastructure, People, Skills & Wellbeing and Cost of Living Crisis.

The event brings together Norfolk MPs and local businesses to discuss the hot topics that are affecting local businesses – it’s going to be super interesting. Why not come along and be a friendly face in the crowd?

Find out more information on the Norfolk Chambers of Commerce website >

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