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Feb 23, 2023 | Our Newsletter

The journal issue 9 | Example marketing and web design


It’s been a busy February with a lot of networking, discovery calls and we have just reached the end of half-term. There’s nothing quite like a half-term to really make a month shoot by – all you parents reading this will know the feeling!

To give you a short break from the kids (where do they get their energy from?) here are some more somethings for your perusal.

The Example Marketing Team ūüôĆ

Screenshot of Squoosh


Squoosh Your Pics

Image credit: Squoosh

Big images weigh websites down. Websites which are weighed down are slooooow. Google does not like slow websites.

The lesson here? Heavy websites are bad so you should OPTIMISE YOUR IMAGES.

You can do this in programmes like Photoshop, but that’s a pretty pricy option if all you want to do is reduce some image sizes. Enter Squoosh. Squoosh is a handy image optimiser app which allows you to quickly and easily compress images for free.

Use Squoosh for yourself >

List of questions to ask your developer


6 Quesions to Ask Your Web Developer 

So, it’s time for a new website? There are loads of developers out there which is great, you’re likely to find the perfect one for you and your project. But actually, so much choice can be a little overwhelming, how do you know that you are choosing the right developer? And have you considered that your web developer could be doing so much more than just building and publishing your site?

A great website is going to be a bit of an investment, so you want to make sure you are getting it right and setting yourself up for success from the word go. There is a whole range of services which can be bolted on to your web build to stand you in good stead for success.

We recommend asking your web developer these six questions to see what else they can offer you:

1) Will you host my website?
2) Can you help with writing my content?
3) Do you offer an SEO service?
4) Will you maintain my website?
5) Will I be able to edit the website myself?
6) Will you measure any metrics?

Find out all the details about the questions you should be asking your web developer >

Emma from Example marketing at the Big Debate

Last Friday Emma was sitting on the Net Zero & Sustainability panel at The Big Debate, hosted by The Norfolk Chambers of Commerce. It was a great turn out and Emma and all the other panelists absolutely smashed it! 

Mint mobile ad


Mint Mobile ChatGPT Advert

Image credit, Mint Mobile via Youtube

ChatGPT has been quite the talking point recently. For those who don’t know ‘ChatGPT¬†is an advanced AI chatbot trained by¬†OpenAI¬†which interacts in a conversational way.’¬†

Office fave, Ryan Reynolds, has recently used ChatGPT to write a new ad for his mobile phone company. He gave the chatbot a set of instructions and ended up with a fun little advert for Mint Mobile. 

As Ryan is such a funny guy and ChatGPT is a hot topic at the moment we were wondering whether the advert was entirely legitimate. What do you think? Either way, we think content writers are still safe in their jobs for a while yet.

Watch the ad here > 

Read: Lidl vs Tesco in logo clash via LinkedIn

There has been a bit of a supermarket hoo-ha recently. Lidl have taken Tesco to court over the yellow circle they are using for the Clubcard offers which Lidl say are an infringement of their Trademark. We have seen some interesting opinions on the matter over on LinkedIn and recommend you go and give it a read if you are interested in branding or the petty squabbles of supermarkets.

Read more here >

Watch: SEO First Aid with Ahrefs РYour Questions Answered via The Marketing Meetup (19 mins)

SEO is a bit of a beast and often throws up a whole bunch of questions. Online SEO tool, Ahrefs, recently did a first-aid session, answering a bunch of questions sent in by The Marketing Meetup community. 

It’s worth a watch if you are after some tips and advice on SEO.¬†

Watch the video >

Do: Flip some pancakes

It’s Shrove Tuesday next week so get your eggs at the ready and prepare the frying pans. It’s time to get flipping! We’re looking forward to tucking in for breakfast lunch and dinner.¬†

Are you a careful spatula flipper or a reckless pan flipper?

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try your hand at some pancake art? All you’ll need are some squeezy bottles, food colouring and a steady hand.¬†

Get some inspiration with these¬†fast food pancakes,¬†social media icon¬†pancakes, amazing (but ever so slightly advanced!)¬†body part pancakes¬†or why not have a go at your¬†child’s favourite character?

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