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Nov 17, 2020 | Covid-19

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November 2020 Update: This guide was produced by Nettl at the end of the first lockdown, but we think it’s just as relevant now as it was then! Covid-19 is still impacting companies across the country while everyone figures out the best way to get back to work safely. Get ahead of the curve over the festive period – use this guide to come up with a strategy to get your business back to business.

As the Government begins to try and restart the economy by encouraging people to return to work where possible, there’s a lot of anxiety about how to do that safely.

The team at Nettl has been speaking to a wide range of businesses to understand their concerns. They’ve then put their heads together and come up with a great guide that we think will help businesses of all shapes and sizes.

You’ll no doubt have already been spammed with countless emails flogging face masks, “wash your hands” signs and sneeze guards. And sure, we can produce and sell you all that and more. But this guide isn’t about selling you stuff. It’s about trying to help you prepare for reopening as lockdown measures ease.

There’s advice on communicating changes with your teams and managing their return to work from a personal perspective. There are ways to manage bookings, appointments and orders if you’re in an industry that will be overwhelmed with returning customers (hairdressers – we’re looking at you!). There’s also advice for businesses who may need to drum up a bit of interest if you’re struggling to generate enquiries and work.

Whatever end of the spectrum you sit on, we think there’s something handy in there for you. So why not make a quick cuppa and take a few minutes out of your day to give it a look.

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