We are switching to biodegradable laminate

Nov 18, 2020 | Business, Printing

We’ve all seen the effect single use plastic is having on our planet. It is polluting our seas and shores and killing our wildlife. Thanks to #theAttenborougheffect brought on by his Blue Planet 2 series, society is becoming far less tolerant of our excessive use of plastic. You may have noticed the disappearance of plastic straws at pubs and restaurants and the use of wooden cutlery at takeaway outlets.

We’re going green!

As of today, 1st August 2018, we’re switching all of our matt and gloss laminate products to our new biodegradable film. That’s Business Cards, Flyers, Showcards, Menus, Invitations, Folders and Booklets.

Our previous laminate was considered a contaminant when it comes to the recycling waste stream. We wanted to do our bit to protect the planet and also help you reduce your plastic waste too. So we’ve taken action!

The new biodegradable laminate is compostable and disappears within two years without leaving impurities in the soil. It doesn’t compromise quality in any way. The laminate looks great and feels even better.

In the past, our uncoated stock was the only option for those seeking an environmentally friendly business card. For some designs and businesses, that’s perfect. But for others, a laminate really helps make the colour pop. Or clever use of spot UV laminate makes people stop and take notice.

Now we can do all that without worrying about our impact on the environment – hooray!

We’re really excited to be able to offer this planet-friendly solution. We hope that it encourages everyone to see where they could be reducing their plastic usage.

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