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Your new website is a thing of beauty! Lots of time and effort has gone into making it look and work as brilliantly as possible. But it shouldn’t stop there. You need to keep showing it some TLC so it remains as secure and effective as possible.

A top-notch website will be continually updated and maintained to keep it all in working order, prevent hacking, as well as constantly generating traffic.

We have three support packages to choose from depending on what level of support you require, and how much you want to get out of your website.

Bespoke design

Want to get your site “on the first page of Google”?

Doesn’t everyone?! If organic search engine ranking is your priority, you might want to consider one of our search engine optimisation packages.

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Example Marketing are always professional, timescales are agreed upfront and always met, the quality of the design work carried out is exceptional – and somehow Emma always knows what I’m looking for, even if I can’t always articulate exactly what that is! I would highly recommend using Example Marketing for any of your marketing needs.

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New Core Web Vitals Ranking Factor: Helping You Prepare

New Core Web Vitals Ranking Factor: Helping You Prepare

Updated 19/04/21: Google has now pushed back the launch of the Core Web Vitals ranking factor from May to June 2021. We have updated the below article to reflect this. Core Web Vitals will now be added to Google's algorithm as part of a "page experience update,"...

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