Digital marketing in Norfolk

The beauty of digital marketing? There are lots of statistics you can use to measure the results. We’ll generate measurable results so you can see how the activity is helping grow your business.

More and more business is being done online either directly (e.g. through ecommerce sites) or indirectly (e.g. reaching new potential customers through social media). This means that digital and online marketing must play a part in your business.

There is a lot of ‘noise’ online. Businesses are competing to be heard and people browsing are being bombarded with hundreds of different messages. To get noticed, your online activity needs to be carefully targeted to your audience:

  • the content needs to be right for your audience (what you’re saying)
  • the format needs to be right for your audience (where and how you’re saying it)
  • your audience needs to be able to find it (if they’re looking for someone who does what you do)

Get these three things right, and you’re making great strides towards getting noticed by the right people at the right time.

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If you want people to find your website, it needs to rank well in Google and other search engines. Good SEO can help. We can help optimise your website for search through keyword research and careful copywriting.


Using content to engage with your customers online is becoming increasingly important. We can build a content strategy or help you deliver great content for your customers, including videos and blog posts. We can help generate links back to your website which will also help improve where you rank in search engine results pages.


We can create and manage targeted display advertising campaigns (the banners you see at the top and down the side of websites or mobiles), or paid search campaigns (pay per click or PPC, the sponsored search results you see at the top and right of a search results page).


Have you been wondering whether your business should be on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube? We can help get you started with a branded business page. We can also come up with social media campaigns to help you grow your followers and improve engagement.

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