Why We’re Proud to Work From the Office

Oct 20, 2022 | Business

At a time when many companies are downsizing their office or even embracing an all-remote work environment and shutting up their physical space completely, we’re bucking the trend. We’ve just moved into a bigger office!

Whilst we all worked remotely during the pandemic, we did a lot of soul-searching when we were able to come back to the office. Should we switch to some kind of hybrid arrangement so our team could continue to work from home some of the time?

We took the bold decision to ask everyone to come back to the office full-time…and they did. They wanted to come back to the office!

Recruitment has been interesting. Some people simply assume a role will involve hybrid working now, or that they’ll be able to work from home. To start off with, we felt a little apologetic saying no, but having had some time to reflect on it, we’re now proud that we’re sticking to our guns. Our office is an awesome place to work!

That’s not to say that we’re militant about people being at their desk every day. If life gets in the way, if someone needs a bit of flexibility, if the car’s out of action or the kids are sick, of course the team can work from home. The technology is all there and we’re happy to use it. But we know what works best for our business, for our clients and (we hope!) our team so if you need us, you’ll find us here enjoying our extra space!

How working from the office helps our business

1) Collaboration

As a creative business, being able to bounce ideas off each other or gather feedback part way through a bit of work always helps us achieve the best results.

2) Creativity

Six brains are better than one! With the whole team in the same place, we can come up with more creative ways to solve problems. Sometimes ideas come from the most unlikely of places…

3) Keeping work and life separate

Whilst it is handy being able to bung in a load of washing in between checking your emails when working from home, it can also be harder to keep a clear divide between when you’re working and not working. Being in a different physical environment and having that journey between the two helps switch gears.

4) Learning from each other

Being together in an office means professional development happens by osmosis as we learn from, and support, each other.

5) Great knowledge of the whole business

As a small team in one place, we all have a good knowledge of what’s going on across the business. That means when a client calls, whoever answers the phone will have some context. It also means that suggestions on how to improve areas of the business could come from anywhere.

6) A strong team and a sense of belonging

We’re really lucky in our team that we actually like each other! There are plenty of Bake Off chats, horror film recommendations, sharing of treats, and support for life’s little dramas. This interaction and the positive culture it helps create helps give us all a wellbeing boost.

7) Energy efficiency and saving costs on home electricity bill

There’s only one room to heat here, and it’s not being paid for by the team members so, as domestic heating costs spiral, we can all keep toasty warm this winter in our office!

We love visitors! So if you’d like to come and chat marketing over a cuppa, you are very welcome to come and take a nose around our new space.

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