Alternatives to Vehicle Wraps: A Cheaper Way to Brand Your Company Car

Nov 18, 2020 | Business, Marketing

The benefits to branding your company car

We know how it is, everyone is always on the go. The daily commute can be such a grind. There may also be weeks when you’re in and out of the office travelling to meeting after meeting. Well, make that time work for you by branding your company vehicle! There are lots of benefits to branding your company vehicle, from better and more positive brand awareness to a boost in leads.


Get yourself noticed

Did you know as you are driving around you could be missing out on hundreds of people seeing your brand?

The average driver in the UK spends 20 hours a week driving their cars. Most of that is commuting to work. If you’re driving your vehicles in areas with heavy commuter traffic, your brand could be seen by 3,000 people in just one hour!

Humans are creatures of habit, they like to stick with what they know. If someone happens to see your branded vehicle every day, they get familiar with your brand. So, who do you think they will call when they next need the service you provide? That’s right, you!


There is an alternative to vehicle wraps

We get it, vehicle wraps can be expensive. And rather inconvenient if you change your vehicles often or don’t want to be driving around in a branded car at the weekend. Often, company cars are also school run cars, popping to do the food shop cars, going on a family camping holiday cars. And we understand that you may not want to be driving around in what is essentially a mobile billboard.

Not to worry, we have the solution! New for 2019, we now have magnetic vehicle signs available. Reusable and removable, they are a very cost effective and handy solution. Simply stick them to the side of the car when you want to shout about your brand. And take them off when you don’t.


Branding your vehicle doesn’t have to be expensive

You can pick one up from just £46.55* so they are a really affordable way to promote your business.

So whether you are a dog trainer who makes home visits, a hairdresser with a brand new salon or a part time gardener, magnetic vehicle signs could get more people engaging with your business.

Pop us a message and we will see what we can do!

*Prices correct: September 2019. Prices are subject to change.

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